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Thomas Badrock, audition Foto Thomas Badrock

Audition photos for dancers

The first impression prior to the auditon is made through pictures. In fact good pictures, that capture the personality, the right moment and all the dynamics both of these elements combine. In order to leave a memorable impression and to stick out from the competition it is necessary to have a little more than a dance snapshot taken by a friend.

I have been photographing dancers from classical ballet to more modern since 2007 and I am keen to capture any dance form and style in a professional way. With an eye for the light, composition and dance poses I am certain together we can reach the level of professionality and character you seek to find in your auditon pictures.

For this, you are welcome to come to Karlsruhe where we can do personalized photoshootings in a dance studio with the all the technical equipment or if it is more convenient the shooting can also take place near you.

You are a dance teacher looking for a good photograph of your dance group or your dance school? Please follow the link …

Natsuki Yamada, audition Foto Natsuki Yamada

Preparation for a good audition-shooting

It takes two for a good photo, hence communicating about your wishes and ideas with me the photographer is very important. We should talk about the possibilities in advance and get to know eachother which will not only make the shooting more effective but also creates more authentic photos.

Another way to make the best out of the shooting is to be preapered with a repertory of poses and movements practiced beforehand or even have someone accompany you for support. Even better if the company is a dancer him-/herself. In this way a more natural atmosphere is created by inspiring and motivating eachother. There is also an option of booking a professional person to aid you during the shooting.

Besides the classical audition shooting we could also plan some time for "Freestyle" dance pictures. A good portrait picture shouldn't be missing either. Whatever ideas you have in mind, they are welcome and I am open to discuss these with you.

Answers to some questions and helpful tips for an Audition shooting can be found here in this PDF Document:  Download Hints and Tips for dance photos.

Vivian de Britto Schiller, audition Foto Tütü

The shooting in Karlsruhe or near you

You should plan about two hours for your shooting. The more people at the shooting the more time is needed. In case of a dance Group I may come to your dance studio. The rooms must offer a good photographic setting with enough space. In this case you can adress your wishes and I will let you know about the possibilities and requirements for a photo shooting in a dance studio.

Furthermore, I also offer different offers for different events for dance schools. Just contact me …

Naoka Hisada, audition Foto Naoka Hisada

Price list audition shooting

Pricelist for Dance Shootings in Karlsruhe: Price list 2023

More Infos about audition Shootings: Download Hints and tips for dance photos. 

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